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Gorilla Auto by Dinafem Seeds is a feminised auto-flowering strain which thrives in cold regions with short summers, her fast growth, her unbeatable resin yield, her oily scent and for her potent effects. Basically, she’s the automatic version of the world-renowned Gorilla, an extraordinary strain launched in the spring of 2018 that was very well received. She was bred from a very special cross: Gorilla x OG Kush Autoflowering.

Gorilla Auto grows into a medium-sized marijuana plant that will fit into smaller spaces thus making the most of smaller grow spaces. Her bushy structure with long inter-nodal spacing allows air and light to reach every corner of her body, making it less likely for moisture/mould problems to arise. She’s got some incredibly beautiful lime-green leaves that end up fully covered in a thick layer of white and sticky resin by the time flowering is finished. In spite of being a full-on auto needing no more than 30 days from sowing to start flowering, her yield has nothing to envy to the one offered by the original feminised version of Gorilla.